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Holiday Sharing Card 2016--Thank You For Your Support!

These members of the Sarasota County Medical Society and Alliance have sent a contribution to the SCMSA Foundation for the Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Initiative, Drug-Free Youth Project, scholarships and other health education related projects focused on mental health and visual impairment in lieu of sending holiday cards in 2016.

Angela and Jody Abrams

Priya and Naveen Acharya

Peggy and Victor Baga

Cimmie and Gregg Baran

Janet and Kent Bartruff

Tari and Mike Basnight

Kelly and Sumeet Bhanot

Diana and Trevor Born

Annegret and Clayton Bredlau

Ellen and Kenneth Bregg

Rose and Adam Bright

Karen and Paul Chapman

Sarah and Mark Checcone

Jane and Mel Chen

Jane and Clem Demasi

Bev and Jack Devine

Karen and Sean Dingle

Suzanne and Chris Drake

Yifat and Yoel Drucker

Carol and Robert Dubin

Connie Marie and Peter Dumas

Linda and Vladimir Einisman

Jennifer and Matthew Ercolani

Bridgette and Michael Fiorucci

Ruth and Bruce Fleegler

Carola and Barbara Fleener

Sophia and Jonathan Fong

Annette and Howard Fuchs

Sara and Tracy Gapin

Sally and Dave Giordano

Cynthia Collawn and Ken Giraldo

Margot and Manny Gordillo

Jeanne and Braun Graham

Sharon and Christopher Guerin

Linda and Ali Haas

Louise and Neil Halvey

Martha and Gil Heitman

Penny and Wilson Hendry

Kathi and Larry Hurvitz

Jacqueline and Thomas Kelly

Susan and William  Kennedy

Azima and Tariq Khan

Rimi and Arun Khazanchi

Sharol Cripe and Mark Konwiser

Maureen Maguire and Doug Kuperman

Janet and Dale Lakomy

Tina and Michael Lepore

Erin and Michael Lilly

Lisa and Charles Loewe

Barbara and Bill Lose

Maya and Rabih Loutfi

Jean and Tan Ly

Nancy Youngstrom and Steve Mamus

Arlene and Mike McBride

Laura and Michael McCormick

Linda and Bill Mehserle

Allison and Cliff Menezes

Laura and Michael Mercandetti

Bree and Ken Meredith

Nancy and Martin Mihm

Molly and Fred Moffat

Hope and Bill Morgan

Kim Choate and Walter Moscoso

Felicia O'Drain and Raja Nalluri

Diana and David Napoliello

Arysol and John Niffenegger

Joyce and John Nora

Vidisha and Ashvin Patel

Sharon and Stephen Patrice

Melissa and Scott Perrin

Mariana and Matthew Perry

Claudia and Alan Porter

Belle and Ted Probst

Susie and Jack Reeder

Lisa and Hobart Richey

Ricki and Brent Rubin

Susan and Russell Samson

Ratna and TK Satya

Millicent and Michael Schandorf-Lartey

Eva and George Scherer

Christine and Jeff Sell

Lori and Gary Shapiro

Elizabeth Callahan and Tom Sidgmore

Bonnie and Skip Silverman

Rachel and Larry Silverman

Len Slazinski

Jan and Dan Small

Mona and Robert Snyder

Lynn and Issam Soussou

Peggy and Bob Spencer

Rita and John Steele

Doreen and Dean Sutherland

Maria and Tom Sweeney

Gray and Michael Swor

Jerilynn and Greg Towsley

Monica and Richard Van Buskirk

Wendy and Burt Veazey

Alison and Paul Vesco

Janet and Jim Villotti

Jennifer and Brad Weitzner

Phyllis and Cory Weitzner

Anne and Hugh Windom

Heather and Clint Wrigley

Hilary and Jonathan Yunis

Rosana and Jeff Zacks



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