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Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness

We are concerned with  the high incidence of deaths and shattered lives due to the abuse of prescription drugs.  

Our educational flyer, distributed to physician and health organization offices lists some simple ways to prevent misuse of prescription drugs. You may print copies for your personal use or to share with others.

Other recent projects in our initiative have included:

  • Sponsorship of The Source Teen Theatre's production of The Holding Cell, a hard-hitting play about the perils of prescription drug abuse. The play was shown in Sarasota County public and private high schools.
  • A prescription drug awareness event for parents, educators, and those who work with middle to high school-aged children. The event included a performance of The Holding Cell and a panel discussion by experts, followed by a question-and-answer session.
  • Local Pain Awareness Conferences organized by Sarasota Memorial Health Systems Pain Care Center and Comprehensive Pain Center of Sarasota in honor of National Pain Awareness Month. A number of physicians lectured on pain management within their particular fields and discussed the perils of prescription drug abuse.
  • Provided baby gifts and cash donations to First Step of Sarasota Mothers and Infants specialized program for pregnant and post-partum women with substance abuse problems.
  • By invitation, made a presentation about our initiative to the Behavioral Health Strategic Planning Work Group of the Drug Free Sarasota Committee, a monthly consortium that discusses and makes suggestions to law enforcement on how to deal with substance abuse issues.

We are open to ideas about how we can be even more effective in tackling substance abuse in our community; we welcome your suggestions.

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