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The Foundation has given over $45,000 in health-related scholarships in the past five years including to deserving students at the Lake Erie College of Medicine at Lakewood Ranch, the Venice High School Medical Academy and other organizations.

"Upon receiving the scholarship from the Sarasota Medical Alliance I was overjoyed to find out I would be able to make my dream of going to nursing school out of state a reality. By receiving the scholarship I was able to dedicate myself more to my studies knowing someone has faith in me and my abilities to succeed." Heather H. CCNS, The University of Alabama, Capstone College of Nursing

"Unlike most scholarships the Sarasota Medical Alliance Foundation scholarship is unique, in that it has no application process or knowledge of its existence on the student’s behalf. When I was awarded the scholarship it was an utter and total surprise and one of the best surprises I have had. It gave me confidence in myself that I still carry with me to this day." Brandon C.

"Scholarships like the Sarasota Medical Alliance Foundation Scholarship allowed me to attend a top research institution like the University of South Florida.  Having been awarded this money has aided me in continuing my studies to become a medical doctor in the future. Karin P.

2016 Scholarship Recipients

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